Do you have a cyrus I9 XR amplifier? Roon ready

New to this forum. I have the roon ready cyrus in this topic. I would like to hear what you think about it if you have the same integrated dac amp. I like mine. It is no looker like a danish design piece but that is an easy sacrifice. Sound gets me emotional every time, if the track is good. The roon tech is a well shrouded mystery to me still, but music comes through it from the core on a mac mini. An a to b comparison with the same material as dsd and flac hi res I have yet to undertake. As a matter of fact I have no idea if these versions of a same track coexist. I started to explore nativedsd recently. Highresaudio (a german site with flac hi res) is familiar from the time I had a naim streamer. Goosebumps appeared last night in the company of Alison Krauss and the ensuing roon auto generated play queue. Or Tidal generated the playlist? Either way, roon seems absolutely brilliant in its UI. As new to roon I have questions but will have a look around here first.

Welcome to the forum and Roon. Just for clarity your amp is not Roon Ready, it is Roon tested these are two very different things but achieve the same thing.

The latter means you connect Roon to your device via means of a physical connection such as USB or HDMI or by non Roon based streaming protocol such as AirPlay, Chromecast and other proprietary protocols.

Roon Ready is purely for a network connection and only via Roons own designed streaming protocol known as RAAT, devices that are Roon Ready have Roons code embedded in them which gives it a deeper integration than the other method.

Good news is that you still get all the same features and enjoy all of what it brings. Looks like a great Amp to.

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Good to know thank you

The best aspect or one very good is that the telly displaying Mac mini can be turned off and I simply use the control point on the iPad.

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