Do You Have A Roon Fallback Plan - Options / Alternatives

It’s a little sad that you feel compelled to keep adding stuff (to run Roon), when an iPhone and Apple Music is all you (a minimalist) really need.

Thanks. I have an iPhone and Apple Music. This is just for some fun.

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Sounds like everyone here needs to attend a silent retreat at least once in their life to gain a bit of perspective (I did a ten day one years ago - life changing). Internet goes down for a day or few? How about a shelf of books and some golden silence? Believe me, without constant ‘noise’ running in the background, you won’t stop breathing, and when the music comes back, will sound better than ever.

And if Roon does go away at some point? There’s will always be UpNp, DLNA, etc options, streaming directs, or good old physical mediums like cd’s and vinyl. The world won’t stop spinning.


Some years ago I broke my shoulder ski touring from a sailboat in Northern Norway. Had to spend 7 days in the boat, no internet, no local music in my phone, just two English language books. I was able to get to the deck (in some pain) and look at the beautiful scenery while my buddies skied the amazing terrain. No silence, just wind and small waves in the fjord. Surprisingly calming considering the circumstances. Oh, and


Good for you Fernando, but your posts don’t do anything but reinforce how ridiculous it is losing access to Roon as player for LOCAL files if internet is down. It seems you are one of the very few trying to constantly justify this by either saying you have other systems/apps to stream (then why do you use Roon?) or doing other things…

Sure, if internet is down and I can’t play music, I will find something else to do. Roon is not a life support machine, and thus we don’t need it to survive. But many of us chose it over just about any already available free players (either those of streaming services, or those that come with hardware) and we are paying for a service, and as such, we want to be able to use it fully.

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Life is too short to spend repeatedly complaining about software design choices. All software has design flaws, as well as bugs, and software vendors make choices in deploying their limited resources that don’t match our individual needs. Report the problem, move on.


Jriver has probably been running since you were a teenager it’s currently V 30 - :joy::joy::joy:

That’s not difficult to justify: Because the 99.9% of time I do have internet, Roon is the best option.

It’s inconvenient if internet goes out, but then it’s not the end of the world and there are other options, which most straightforwardly is using a good router that can USB-tether to a phone for internet access fallback, other player software that is worse than Roon but can tide one over a temporary loss of internet, a record player, phone with headphones or BT speaker, or indeed a hobby or a book.

I was quite vocal that a basic fallback option in Roon would be feasible and would alleviate all of the unhappiness, but Roon have decided that they don’t want to spend the resources and there’s no use complaining. I chose instead to look forward to all the cool things that more cloud features will bring.

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