Do you require a paid Tidal subscription to access features such as recommendations?

General Q re: subscriptions. I have no use for Tidal, but want to maximize my use of Roon. Can I use a Tidal account that is not subscribed to access features in Roon (such as recommendations)?

Hi @ar9,

The recommendation features are built to work with proper streaming accounts, whether it be TIDAL or Qobuz. If you can login with an account that does not have a valid subscription, you should theoretically still be able to see these features. However, keep in mind that these features are only tested with working accounts and using accounts that do not have a subscription are not officially supported and we can’t make any guarantees.

I’m nearly at the other end of the spectrum, I almost have no use for the 30+ years of local media I’ve gathered.

I had a trial Qobuz account some months ago and decided to not subscribe at that time but remained logged in within Roon and searches would present albums but of course I couldn’t listen to them.

I now subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz - not sure I’ll keep Q though. They have a few rough edges to smooth out first.

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