Does anyone else's Roon have "seizures?"

Admittedly this is related to my post on asking for help to create an industrial strength Roon, however it was a separate event and I am just curious.

So I am sitting here, not listening to music at the moment, so Roon is not “supposed” to be doing anything. No web controller extension enabled. Roon is just “sitting there.” On my desktop I have a remote window open. A change catches my eye - the Queue disappears for about 45 seconds and instead Roon flashes a message that says “nothing playing.” It shows no active audio zones, no albums, no artists, just a Roon screen with what I would call its permanent elements (menu, progress bar, transport keys) but otherwise empty.

Then after that 45 seconds it comes back - queue is there, audio devices available, etc. This could be one of my endpoints going to sleep or something, albeit that usually looks different.

Anyone ever see anything like this? Cause?

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I see “remote catch-up” at times, usually on the iPad. It goes like this. I’m playing a large queue and the screen goes to sleep. When I wake the iPad up after a spell it’ll initially show what was playing when it went to sleep. It might freeze there for a few seconds before “fast forwarding” through the queue, so each track played while sleeping comes up sequentially as it zooms the play bar along. This can take up to 30s before it resyncs the queue. I haven’t noticed the same behaviour on the Android client.

Sounds strange, if you’re in the middle of a cue with stopped playback, no endpoint or group playing - must have something to do with the set-up of your end points, as you say.

I usually have a group of two end points set-up (which doesn’t make a difference to the following), and only if the end of a playing queue is reached with Roon radio disabled, I get the message “nothing playing”, Roon now waiting patiently for me to start something else…

Thanks. Yeah, this isn’t that. I wasn’t at the end of a queue. It was just paused for maybe 20-30 minutes. It’s more like when you open Roon for the first time and there are no library or endpoints configured. Roon forgot its “state” for a moment. I see it happen a time or two a day, this was just the first time I was looking at it and focused on it. It will also do it when it’s playing, but what struck me is that if it is not playing, why the stress on the system?

See if this thread has any relevance.