Does my laptop meet minimum requirements?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
My specs are AMD Ryzen 3, 128 SSD GB, 8GB memory, resolution 1920 by 1080

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Does my laptop meet minimum requirements? just making sure before i purchase roon, so that i have an enjoyable experience

Try it using the 14 day trial.

Hello @ELUCIUS_BELL, this machine should fall within our system requirements, which you can view here. This is dependent on your library size, though!

if my library is stored externally, then i should be ok, correct?

The minimum requirements for your core server don’t depend upon where your music files are stored. The database Roon uses will grow dependent upon the number of albums and tracks it has to index and keep information about, both music you own and music you stream from Tidal/Qobuz and decide to store in your library. This library (database) will be stored on the internal SSD. But your laptop should be ok up to a max of 100.000 tracks; maybe you’ll wish to upgrade your server before reaching this number, maybe it will be good for a little more.


thanks for the info, so as in server you mean processor, so in advance of 100,000 tracks upgrade to I5, I7 etc? or update the SSD from 128gb…thanks

For a database in excess of 100.000 tracks you’d probably find that a laptop computer is not the ideal Roon Server. You’d want a dedicated computer you can keep on 24/7, like a NUC or a purpose-built media computer.

You haven’t told us how many digital albums and tracks you have at this moment, how many GB or TB of digital audio you need to manage with Roon. Nor how you plan to use Roon - to how many different zones you plan to stream, if you plan on using DSP functions, etc.

If you’ve never used Roon before, start a Trial and use your laptop as Core computer, so you can find out about Roon’s features and functionality. This will give you better understanding of how to dimension a device for Roon Core.

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I need to rip my entire collection first before i know how many thousands of digital albums/tracks or how much TB/GB needed. For now one zone, dsp functionality and i may stream… sounds like the solution is to do the 1 year subscription using my laptop as the core… and get my data base in order and revisit… so back to my initial question would the specs on my current laptop work under this scenario

I believe this has already be answered… Yes, you can start using your laptop as Roon Core. Begin ripping albums, grow your database, learn your way around Roon and its functions. If and when you feel comfortable using Roon, eventually you can decide to upgrade to a dedicated Roon server.

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It should work, at least initially. It is possible that as you grow your library you will reach a point that you decide you need to upgrade. When I started using Roon, I put the Roon core on my Dell XPS 15 laptop that had 32 GB RAM, i7 processor, and 1 TB SSD. Performance was unacceptable and I quickly ordered a Roon Nucleus. I say that just as a warning that while a Windows 10 computer works well for some, it did not work well for me. However, it is a good place to get started.

Also, as important as your Roon core device is your network. Many of the problems people post about here, turn out to be because their network is not adaquate for some reason. In my case, my U-Verse 50/12 ISP and ethernet connected Nucleus have worked very well.

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