Does prioritizing your streamer over the Internet produce good results?

I noticed that I may prioritize any device – wired or wireless – via Google WiFi. One may do this for one hour. I tried that with my Nucleus, which is hard wired and can’t say I noticed any difference. Maybe it would help for those who have sketchy connections. Anyone tried this?

What results were you expecting?

It’s purpose is to ensure internet priority when the internet connection is shared by many devices/users internal to your network. If you never have bandwidth/buffering issues for that reason, it isn’t really needed. That said, you could leave it on just in case.

I do have an occasional “crackle” when using my Devialet Expert 200 via Roon Nucleus. I thought it might be a temporary issue with my Ethernet connection, so prioritizing it seemed logical. Plus, here is a response from Roon support via another thread:

johnRoon Labs: Support



Hello @Gregory_Itingen,

We are currently investigating reports of “crackling” and dropouts occurring when using the Roon Devialet Air implementation. I will be sure to update this thread when there is news to share regarding this issue. In the meantime, we encourage users with the Core Infinity board to download the latest firmware update which includes a certified Roon Ready implementation.


Yah that setting would only prioritize traffic to the internet for one device so it wouldn’t help in your case.

@DrTone Appreciate your observation.