Does Qobuz volume levelling work properly yet?

I’ve been playing with Roon volume levelling and over the months certainly more and more Qobuz albums seem to have some form of adjustment reading for Roon to work with, but it seems very hit and miss to me. For example I was listening to Roon radio and it was mostly playing 50’s 60’s female jazz vocals, which were often reduced by 5-7db, yet along comes a modern recording, obviously much louder (as is often the case) and it only gets reduced by 2db - making it much louder than the preceding tracks? I’ve given up on it again but I just wondered is anyone else having this problem?

It’s still only track leveling, no album, and it’s too hot and varied still but seems to have improved some vs. 6 months ago when they began adding the data.

I’ve emailed support but was told they weren’t going to do any leveling but clearly they are…just not very well, yet.

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