Does Roon 1.8 support UPnP/DNLA devices?

Does Roon 1.8 support UPnP/DNLA devices ?

No, and it never will.

No and it never will. Roon has its own protocol called RAAT.

However unofficially supported you can use a UPnP bridge to make a UPnP endpoint work but no guarantees due to how UPnP is not standardised between devices. Sonore offer a hardware one for a few hundred quid, or you can try the free LMS to UPnP script or their is a Roon extension by a developer on here who is modifying the previously mentioned script work from with in Roon.

Just found the link: this is not a Roon supported product.

But look here: iFi Bridge - A UPnP / DLNA app solution for playback on Roon

Thanks all for your answers.
@Tony : Where can we provide rooUPnp. How does it works ? Is it compatible with macOS ?

You can try for free if you like, there is an evaluation license code in my second post. It is: 69962830-E872-4031-BE07-1FE12D62818F

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What protocol does Roon use to connect to a Squeezebox? I’m under the impression it’s not RAAT.

Squeezebox streaming.

You need to run the extension on a raspberry pi small computer for RooUpNp to work. It runs separately to the core. Extensions are user created plugins. You can run the lmsupnp bridge on MacOs but it does require some knowledge to setup and your on your own with it.

But what protocol is that? For some reason when I used JRiver many years ago I though it was some form of UPnP.

It’s there own one I believe slimproto

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So I use my Naim NDS Network player with Roon on a daily basis for the last 3-years.

This Network player takes a UPnP input, from the SonoreUPnP Bridge.
The SonoreUPnP Bridge presents itself as a Roon endpoint, and from the Roon Core to the endpoint is a bit-perfect stream.
The big-perfect stream to the Naim Network player becomes a Push, selecting the player’s ‘Ethernet’ input when a track is selected for playback on the Roon Remote, rather than a Pull from a UPnP server based on the command driven to the UPnP player from its Controller.
But that’s the only change - the Naim Network Player then behaves a Roon Endpoint in a Roon environment.
You can play any of your local stored files, any thing off Qobuz or Tidal (including Tidal Masters, with the 1st unfold undertaken by the Roon Core) or any of the Internet Radio stations listed in the catalogue.
It can be part of a multi-zone system, but grouped playback depends on the other devices, I have 4 other zones and transfer the stream from end-point to end-point.
The SonoreUPnP support gapless playback, all formats supported by my Naim Network player (up to 24/192 and DSD64) and converts anything else.
Plus the SonoreUPnP outputs uncompress WAV to the Naim network player, and DSD as DoP, so aligns perfectly with what works best with the NDS.

So instead of a blanket ‘No’, the answer is a “Yes - but not out of the box, and needs some additional items and setup to. But once done is a workable solution that retains a bit-perfect stream”