Does Roon care about non-streamers anymore?

Well, that’s at least something.
Boring is worse, there is plenty of boring around.

I know that was a common line about Miles 50 years ago, I heard it.

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Discogs has a very well documented API.
Look here:

Yes, but unfortunately its schema is incompatible with those for Rovi, Musicbrainz, … Mismatched schemas are one of the most intractable problems in metadata reconciliation.

Avishai Cohen, the horn player, is the brother of the super-talented clarinetist, Anat Cohen.

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Here’s the whole Cohen crew in fine form, with top guest talent:

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Neds, my god not heard then mentioned in a sentence for many a year. Might have to drag them out now.

I’m not talking about converting Discogs data into MusicBrainz data.
All I want is Roon to issue a small request against the Discogs API, transmitting artist and album and verifying the results against the imported files. That can’t be too difficult to code.

Is that just a verifying step to ensure it is the right album so roon can then go get the complete metadata?

Most curated content in Roon appears to come from the AllMusic data base.
So once Roon has identified an album against any valid source, it should be able to carry on with the AllMusic content.

If it is in AllMusic, why bother with Discogs?

Because the albums are not. The artist is.

What you are proposing is to somehow join AllMusic and Discogs data. What I have been trying to explain is that it won’t work because of schema incompatibilities. It may seem to you that nothing could go wrong in joining AllMusic artists with Discogs albums, but ultimately Roon metadata has to have everything in a single schema, which is the fundamental problem here.

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What kind of schema are you talking about anyway? A relational database schema, an XML schema, or what? I take it you are from the trade?

While we’re at it, here’s Roon’s CTO on the subject:

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@AudioDreamer, @Jacques_Distler, @Fernando_Pereira,

Thanks for the tip, listening now.

Oh, my, let’s not get started talking about XSLT! (Link included for those not “in the trade”.)

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Though I respect Roon CTO’s view, my experience is that Discogs is unparalleled when it comes to vinyl recordings. Since a couple of us are currently digging their old treasures (or already have), Discogs support would be quite beneficial for this use case.
For example I found all my old vinyl 12’’ and 7’’ from the 80ies in Discogs. Not in MusicBrainz, not in Rovi, and not at all in Tidal. Those providers are good when it comes to recent, digital music. They are not the record collector’s first choice.

Even though this is becoming increasingly off-topic: What’s wrong with XSLT?

I just bought my first album from Discogs. It is my brother and me from back in the early 1970’s. Now, if I only had a turn table to play it on.

It’s boring.