Does Roon change something, when it sends music to HQPlayer

I really like the sound of Hqplayer when it’s set up to bit perfect. That’s the reason l’m interest to Roon, as a remote. But Hqplayer is not the same alone when it’s with Roon. Together they sound more like Roon direct to dac and I don’t know why.
Trial version 64 bit, hp laptop only for music connect by usb to dac. Around 5000 track stock in the laptop.

Thanks for your answer.

Are you doing any volume levelling/ equalisation in Roon?

A screenshot of your audio pathway might help.


Hère 2 screenshots


What’s the signal path like?


The Signal Path is accessed by clicking the little coloured dot at the bottom of the screen while music is playing. It will show where the signal is going and what is changing it.

Like this

Your signal path shows a bit perfect output to HQ Player.

Okay Roon is doing nothing to the signal but neither is HQPLAYER, you have not selected any upsampling filters?

You may be having a similar issue to this poster


Default, Default just means it’s set to Auto. There could still be filters applied but not much point when staying at 44.1.


Is Roon & HQPlayer on the same machine with your DAC also directly connected to it?

Yes they are all on the same machine.
Here a screenshot of my Hqplayer setup. l’want the signal as pure as possible to let the job to the dac.

Move Roon off that machine and see how it sounds feeding HQPlayer over the network.

Ok, if I understand when Roon and Hqplayer are on the same computer the system works harder and that’s change the sound reproduction. The solution is to install Roon on an other pc and connect Hqplyer with an IP adresse. I tryed it but it’s not working and the remote doesn’t connect. It’s start to be more complicated than one computer. I want the best sound but I tink I will keep it’s simple.

thanks for your help

Did you enable Network Control in HQPlayer? If you can’t connect to Roon on the new computer it might be the firewall.