Does Roon Display support iOS 9?

I have an Ipad mini 2 with iOS 9.3 that I want to use to show Roon display. The browsers on the iPad can connect to the URL of Roon, but does not appear in Roon as a display device. I’ve tried several browsers, including Safari and Chrome.

All other devices I’ve tried it on works well, including a newer Ipad and a Chromecast device.

Roon is running version 1.8.

Can I expect Roon display to work on an Ipad mini 2 with iOS 9.3?

Roon supports iOS 11.0+.

The Mini 2 should run iOS 12.5.1.

I’m asking about Roon display in a web browser, not the Room remote (or core) which are the only products mentioned in the FAQ.

As I understand it, Roon display should run on any browser, or at least could run any browser.

I just got it to work on my iPad Mini 4 running IOS 14.4. I use Google Chrome on that iPad.

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Any recent browser, i.e. Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

The question I’m looking for an answer to is Roon display works in Safari on an Ipad mini 2 with iOS 9.3.5?

It’s working for me on ipad mini 4 as well. It is just from iOS 9 it does not work.

I would update that iPad to the latest version of IOS it will run. Then give the Roon display a try. Either it will work or it won’t. Is there some reason you can’t update to IOS 12?

“The iPad Mini 2 supported all major versions of iOS from iOS 7 to iOS 12. In June 2019, Apple announced that it will drop support for the iPad Mini 2 with the release of iPadOS, along with the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 3.”

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As mentioned earlier you need to update the iPad Mini 2 to iOS 12.5.1. This will allow you to install Google Home and have the necessary versions to run ChromeCast.

Since I have no option in the ipad to upgrade the iOS-version I had an extra look at the ipad. It It turns out it is actually an ipad mini, gen 1. So that explains why I’m not able to go higher than iOS 9.3.6.

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