Does Roon play 5.1 FLAC files?

I’ve got quite a few FLAC 5.1 files in my collection. Will Roon play these?


Hello @Edward_Lee

Yes, Roon can playback multichannel files

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Hi vova. I was just reading the following article which seems to say that Roon only supports “monos and stereo content in the following formats: MP3, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, OGG, and AAC.”’t_showing_up_in_Roon

Can you clarify? Thanks!

Wait, now I see this article:

I suppose that first article is out of date?

Looks like it to me. Roon brought on multichannel support with v1.3. I listen to multichannel DSF files output via HDMI to my preamp processor. I understand FLAC format multichannel files should work. Let me know when you try it out. JCR

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I only have four 5.1 FLAC albums at this time and they play just fine. I direct Roon out put to Out of Your Head software, which provides a surround sound simulation on stereo headphones.

I’ve edited the article. Multichannel is supported by Roon since version 1.3.

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Since we are the topic of multichannel file formats, I have a few which are Blu-ray multichannel files. Does anyone know how those can be converted to FLAC or another format that Roon can play? JCR

Thanks for all the responses everyone!! And thanks for making it official Geoff!!

I’ve used this successfully to extract audio from Blu-Ray and DVD-Audio to FLAC.

How does one do that?

Out of Your Head appears as a virtual audio device, just as a DAC would. Simple enable and configure it (OOYH requires 48 kHz and 7.1 channel mapping), select it and there you go. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, the software has selectable presets for simulation of high-end speakers (Quad ESL, Wilson Sasha, etc.) as well as surround. It intended only for use with headphones.

So does the Out of Your Head output to the headphone jack on your computer or do you direct the Out of Your Head output to a DAC? And can you use it with an endpoint line a mRendu connected to a DAC?

Yes, OOYH points to a DAC. I don’t know if it can point to a microRendu.