Does Roon work with my MSB Renderer Module?

Hello. Please tell me. My PC is a streamer. No Player installed. Only Minimserver and Bubble UPnP server. A TP Link switch connects the Router and my MSB DAC with renderer module. No USB. Only Ethernet. I control them with my iPad with a player, Kazoo or any other.
Will I be able to do the same with Roon? Will Roon “see” my renderer DAC?
Thank You.
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The short answer is No. Your MSB network renderer utilizes UPNP, DLNA protocols which Roon does not use. Roon utilizes its own network protocol for many reasons and will likely continue to do so as there are no plans to support UPNP/DLNA.

Your options are to get a bridge that runs Roon’s network protocol, known as RoonBridge (or RAAT), that will then feed into your DAC’s S/PDIF or Toslink inputs. an example of this would be an Sonic Orbiter SE.

Alternatively, you can call MSB and ask if they will update their network renderers to include RAAT.

Many thanks Daniel.

Not yet, if by your question you mean the Network Renderer. I have a Network Renderer in my Select II. Right now, it only works with UPnP/DLNA. But, much as I dislike USB, I have been able to set up Roon Bridge on a Mac mini, and connect that via USB, and thus have Roon control. This setup is good through double DSD. I should receive my PS Audio LANRover this week or early next, and get my rack PC back from a motherboard replacement. With those items in the system, I should be able to have Roon running, but with most of my USB reservations resolved, but still without quad DSD due to LANRover limitations; we’ll see. Much prefer to have my DACs running on Ethernet, but LANRover will have to do until MSB gets their Roon work done.

FWIW, I was not completely satisfied with the LANRover. I replaced it with a Mivera Superstream which has worked very well as either a Roon server or as an endpoint. I use it in the latter configuration (keeping my NAS as my Roon server) to feed my Select DAC through USB. Excellent sonics, QuadDSD, and zero network issues.

Any update on MSB’s Roon work?

Hello Rugby, Greg and John,
Yes there’s good news from MSB. The new Renderer shipping at anytime is Roon and MQA compatible.
Myself I 'm waiting for a Select DAC with preamp, USB and Renderer modules.
Hope it will arrive soon.
Best regards.
Arm San

Great News!

I can’t wait for Greg’s comparison vs my Superstream via USB. The new renderer should smoke it.

When I actually get either capability—MQA or Roon—I will be happy to share impressions.

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Hello i also look for msb reference renderer, now i have usb mqa with microrendu. we would see.

Yes it can work with Roon:

That’s cool software Jesus. Greg should try it and see if it can beat my Superstream via USB. It should.

Your DAC looks impressive and it should be pretty hard to beat!

Thanks. Yeah it was a pretty good DAC. But as Greg confirmed not quite at the MSB select 2 level. So it’s been discontinued. Greg is our first client for our next gen “Puremusic” audio system with St fiber Ethernet input, dual analog XLR inputs, and dual analog XLR pre-outs. It will have substantial improvements over previous generation gear.

Interesting…can we see it? What did you improve?

Probably not the best thread to discuss this. Details will be on my website after the first couple unit’s are built.