Does the base Nucleus (the lowest cost one) have internal storage for music?

I am confused by the Roon website. On the one hand it says the base Nucleus does not have music storage, yet it also says it handles up to 100,000 tracks. In another area it says, “storage for music” “none.” So, if I get a base $1,459 Nucleus, can I load music onto it directly, or no? I am trying to eliminate the use of my computer for music storage and also put the Nucleus in the same area as my A/V Receiver to eliminate Wifi from the computer to the receiver, but I am confused if the Nucleus will accomplish this.

No, you need to buy a separate disk, either an internal to put into the Nucleus or with USB. Same for the Plus version.

The „handles up to x tracks“ refers to the CPU speed and database response times

Short answer: the Nucleus doesn’t come with internal storage for music.

Longer answer: The estimation of 100.000 tracks refers to the processing capacity of the Nucleus; that is, it is estimated that the computer can easily manage a database of up to 100.000 tracks. But there is no hard limit, and it probably can well manage above this stated number.

You can put a SATA SSD into your Nucleus for internal storage, but this must be purchased separately. You can also use an external hard disk drive or SSD drive connected via USB, or you can even access music files over the network stored on a NAS device or another computer. You must make up your mind what would be the best solution for you. Most users go for a mix of internal drive for music storage and external USB-connected drive for backup of the music files.

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Got it, thanks! What about the higher priced versions of the Nucleus? They have internal built in storage for files?

Same thing.

A 2 TB SATA SSD to put into a Nucleus runs about USD 150… (Samsung 870 EVO)…
On Roon’s online store you can get preconfigured versions of Nucleus, including an internal 2 TB or 4 TB SATA SSD.

Before you ask, yes the Nucleus is an expensive option and you can get much the same (minus the official support) for much cheaper by getting an Intel NUC and installing ROCK