Does the Lifetime subscription include Roon 2.0?


Does the lifetiem subscription include Roon 2.0 release?

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PS: i hope its not a Support toppic (i wasnt sure)

Yes it includes all updates.


do you have an offical source for this?

Lifetime means lifetime, what more do you need. It’s for the lifetime of Roon product regardless of the version that’s available at any particular time.


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Not necessarily, it could be deemed that Roon 2.0 is a NEW product much like Audirvana vs. Audirvana Studio…where a “Lifetime” license is only good for Audirvana which ends with version 3.5.

Audirvana Studio is at version 1.6 and is “Subscription Only”…Roon could very well adopt the same scheme and end its purchase license with the 1.* versions.

Don’t be surprised if Roon 2.0 gets a clever name change and is subscription only.

Hello @Edward12,

Your speculation here is wholly guesswork and does not reflect Roon’s position on software updates. We’d like to ask that you refrain from conflating the actions of another company with our policies or intentions.

The link shared by @ged_hickman1 is directly from @danny, our COO, and clearly states our position on Roon software. It was written nearly six years ago and remains an accurate reflection of our policy regarding this matter.

Your membership includes everything you see now, and going forward.

Please take a few moments to read his statement:


Roon and Audirvana are 2 different things ,

Roon started out life and continues as a subscription based service. In its early days they offered lifetime to raise capital for growing startup.

Audirvana on the other hand started as a One Off license base and decided that Subscription base was a way of generating ongoing income

I trust Roon to be good to their word as referenced above . It has long been hinted that life-time will “shortly” be dropped. It served it’s financial purpose and now monthly/annual income is more important for stable company. Audirvana could be said to be in the same financial situation as Roon in this respect.

Most other software companies wrap up an annual “subscription” as an “annual version update”

Do you really want software developers to starve ?? :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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many Thanks for the Statements!

the excuse mentioned by @Edward12 is exactly what i have in mind. Since it happened to me at a few products. And i had the fear of buyer’s remorse / fear of missing out 2.0.

But ill archive this statement from @danny and @jamie :smiley:

thanks for the information.
New lifetimes subscription incoming <3

For the ones not screenshotting:


I doubt that Roon could legally do that without lawsuits, as they don’t refer to a speck from product, but instead refer generically to “everything you see now” then qualify that with “The only exception to the above might be where we have an offering that requires a license fee to a third party.”. That binds Roon to offer any future updates or “new” software free of charge if it is doing everything Roon does now, if they come out with something that doesn’t do what it does now, they could change, but that would likely be suicidal, as it would kill what makes all of us loyal.

only those with lifetime subscriptions.
the once with yearly or monthly ones won’t be affected. and if we are honest i guess a minority has lifetime and also the lifetime ones are “bad for business”

'Software updates will be free always, whether you are on lifetime or annual plans. We have no plan to breakout pricing a la carte either". That pretty much binds Roon to giving annual subscribers free upgrades to ANY new version. I think Roon intentionally stated their upgrade policy the way they did to protect all users, giving annual subscribers all the benefits that lifetime subscribers have, including perpetually free upgrades. The only difference it lifetimers will never have to worry about price increases.


i hope so :smiley:

Audirvana started out as free and said it would always be free…

then it wasn’t then everything changed. I didn’t like it when it was free and I don’t like it now
in its 3rd iteration either. Roon on the hand I have no issues with and its a lot more than it was when I got over 5 years ago.

Roon’s annual price has been the same since I got it ~$120/year (I bought a lifetime back then @ $499) but lifetime price was increased to deter it as an option…personally I think Lifetime should just be capped at what it is now and those who have it have it and those who sat on the fence missed out…but thats for Roon to decide. At least you can kick the tyres with a monthly sub now too.


I’m a lifetime,r. I paid $499, or $599. Maybe $699, it’s hard to care when I’m having so much fun. Happy listening Roonie’s.


And if anyone filed a class action lawsuit against Audirvana, I bet Audirvana would lose the case.

I would rather listen to music than waste my time on or upset the apple cart for others over someone like DP and his product.

Roon changed the way I enjoy getting to my music and if Roon OS 2 manages somehow to improve on that then great - otherwise I was happy with with the V1.2/3 when I joined up. The rest is all cream.

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The question is will there be a Roon 2.0 … I mean it’s been 6 years and we’re still stuck on various iterations of version 1 :smiley:

I would think that in another 8-12 months we might see v1.9, and a year to a year and a half after that v2.0 might show.

My guess is that V2.0 will be either mobile or cloud Roon.