Does Valence clobber local artist photo edits?

It seems that I can still choose my own picture, or choose to use Valence Art Director:

All of my personally edited pictures are still there.


I’d be interested in whether manual editing is a temporary condition.

But thanks!

By default, images are displayed with Valence?

I don’t know, the default used to be Roon, I assume that is the same as Valence now.
But if I select my own image for an album, it stays.

So it appears that Roon has blown away all the artist banner photos that I have spent many many hours customizing.

We have done no such thing. Why do you think we did?

Yes. They were before too, but the UI said “Roon”.


Yup, however you don’t get to pick all the perfect crops for your own images.

Because the ones I have replaced are gone, replaced with the Valence choice and the link to “improve this picture”.

I’m not imagining this, this is my experience.

Something is wrong, because that is absolutely not what we do, and you can see above that Anders had experienced something different to you.

Can you go to one of these artists and look at edit and take a screenshot of the image edit area… you image should still be there…

Same thing happened to me. None of the images I have uploaded in the past are there anymore. I tried restoring from my backup and it didn’t solve anything. The good news is that a lot of them don’t need uploaded images anymore :grin:

This is a slightly different situation. If Roon wasn’t providing an image before, then, it would fall back to yours. But if Roon started providing photos, then it would fall back to ours. If you had explicitly selected your own, we should not be overriding that setting. Can you go and provide a screenshot of the artist edit screen where you think your photo should be selected but it’s actually showing our photo?

I confirm that I have noticed such a situation at home. If valence has a picture of the artist it is shown. If valence does not have a photo in the database, a local photo is shown, which I once assigned to the artist through the edit option, add a photo.

I can’t provide you with an example because I’ve already corrected the problem but I normally browse by Albums and in about a dozen cases, Roon did not have an image but did not default to mine that were already in place. Fixed by going in and manually selecting to use my images but I just wanted to make you aware that Roon didn’t work in this case as you’re describing.

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