Doesn't access all files on disk


The source of music is a 5 TB disk; when viewed in Windows, it lists roughly 10k folders and 145k files. But Roon reports only 5k albums (a little more than half the folders, which correspond to albums) and 68k tracks (less than half on what’s on the disk). A random test of artists in both Window and Roon confirms that artists and albums are missing in Roon. What to do?

Thank you for your help.

If you look in the upper left “corner” of the Roon UI there are a set of indicators of the system working in the background. In my case in the picture attached There is the “warning” triangle that shows my backup did not run last night because the system was playing music! I am burning in a DAC and a Power Amp. In that space you can click to check if the scanning of your drive is complete.

I am not saying that this is the problem but that initial scan can take a while.

It may take a while for all files to be scanned. If it is still scanning you can go to settings/library and adjust the “background audio analysis speed” the default is “throttled” Giving it a core or two will speed it up. Also on that screen is “skipped files”. Check there to see if any have been skipped.

You might also give this a read. It might help.’t_showing_up_in_Roon

Is there any particular pattern to the tracks that are missing?

Check out the Roon Knowlege Base for tips.

I have not seen any pattern. Note that it appears (though I haven’t done enough testing to be sure) that it isn’t tracks missing from albums – it’s entire albums (i.e., Windows folders) that are missing.

I’d suggest you force Roon to perform a re-scan and check the status progress by clicking on the spinning circle.

Even try restarting the Roon Core.

If you still have problems, post some example paths including the file name to files that are missing.