Don't remove items from the Queue when they've played [done in 1.4]

@Kevin: please please make this an option that can be switched on or off… for audio component reviewing purposes I often use playlists in which I switch back and forth between tracks all the time during component swaps. It’s not working for me to have to go back to history all the time.

But even if I weren’t an audio reviewer, still I’d want my playlist unchanged unless I purposedly delete or modify it. I don’t see any evidence of it on this forum but surely I’m not alone in this?


Thanks for the feedback here Christiaan.

We’re always open to changes based on feedback from users, but in this case the implementation is based on years of feedback on the intermingling of the queue and playlists in the original Sooloos product. We discussed this in more detail here.

We’re going to keep an eye on requests in this area, and we’ll definitely consider a change for a future release if there’s sufficient demand.

Hi Mike,

mPad for iPad (controlling the MPD part of Vortexbox) offers the option to either enable or disable this function, called “Consume” there. I appreciate Roon sticking to the chosen course, but adding the option wouldn’t change anything unless the user changed this.

I can understand why many people would prefer the consume function and I’m certainly not asking for a change in behaviour, but would adding this as a user selectable option seem more feasible?

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Don’t understand the reasoning here about years of experience. I too go back and forth in a playlist and am a long time Squeezebox owner (I have 5 in my house). Playlist management is much better on that platform. If you add Sonos they too do the same as Logitech with regards to playlists and they have ‘several’ years of experience too.

I seriously hope that this feature is added to just show the complete playlist in now playing all the time instead of only whats to come. That really is my biggest negative about Roon.


Can you not use the history button underneath the hamburger for this?
Not exactly what you wanted but it’s what I use.

Yes, if I want to completely destroy the current playlist.

Not at my setup, but if I recall correctly history is saved and you can add to playlist or play next from history, without destroying the cue. Is this not what you want?

Sometimes when listening a particular track or sequence of tracks on an album or playlist it’s so enjoyable I want to skip back and listen again, only there’s no way to browse back to previously played tracks in the Queue other than to hit the |< Previous button as many times as needed for the song to replay and reappear in the playlist. Please add the option or modify the Queue management behaviour to leave the Queue intact and scroll-able until such time a user starts playing a new album etc.

[quote=“Hectorson, post:9, topic:6053, full:true”]
Not at my setup, but if I recall correctly history is saved and you can add to playlist or play next from history, without destroying the cue. Is this not what you want?
[/quote]Nope, what I’d like is to leave the entire Queue intact so I can scroll it and revert quickly to a track without having to navigate to a new screen or to return to where I was in the UI. I’m playing an album or a playlist…leave it untouched unless I choose to modify it.


To each his own, I guess: I still wake up cold and sweaty at night remembering those dirty Sooloos queues – I like the way Roon cleans up after itself.

If this is considered, please make it optional.

[quote=“RBM, post:10, topic:6060”]
If this is considered, please make it optional.
[/quote]Definitely, it should be a configurable behavior.

It’s not that I want a long tail perpetual playlist developing in the queue - I understand and appreciate the History capability and will make use of it when I would like to remember that obscure track that was played last night when a friend and I gathered for a listening session over a few too many whiskeys however, while I’m playing an album I like to look at the track listing in its entirety, in one place. This is especially so where bands with multiple performers are concerned e.g. I might be thinking about how many tracks Stevie Nicks has lead vocals on Rumours…without the track listing in the queue I have to navigate elsewhere to get that.


Agreed. Squeezebox playlist and queue style option in Roon would be a great addition!

I’d much prefer if the currently playing queue didn’t self destruct. Please give us the option.

Roon is the only software I’ve seen do this ever. Not sure how years of experience made this the right solution?

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+1 for a configurable, non-decomposing queue.

Before, in iTunes I’ve been accustomed to creating playlists for the evening based on some event, a thought, relationships between songs, or other common thread. When done with the playlist, I’d file it under an “Old Sets” folder. It’s fun to revisit an old set, or to see where we had gone that night, or a killer set from a year ago, or…

I’d love to have this functionality in Roon.

Hi Rob,

Roon does support creating and saving play lists … am I misunderstanding you?
Also every track played is in the history list and time stamped.

As for the queue being consumed as tracks as played, I’ve sort of gotten used to it … I can’t argue about having choice mind … providing the Roon dev can seamlessly weave it in to the UI… Maybe just scrolling to reveal the played tracks (different colour, or background) would work.


@audiomuze, I’m coming around to the idea, but don’t know how I would want this integrated as I’ve become fond of the roon way. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to have the choice…!
@carl, I like the idea of scrolling up the play cue to reveal history, one less click… here we go again!


We’re at the nexus of my not being very clear, and not very experienced with Roon. :wink:

As for playlists, the only thing I’m missing is the ability to create folders into which I can put playlists. Right now, it seems that every playlist shows on the playlist screen. It would be great to be able to create folders and subfolders where playlists can be stored.

As for the queue… I’d like the ability to choose whether to slough played files off the top (the current behavior), or to keep the queue intact, i.e., showing current track, future tracks, and what has already been played.

Hopefully that’s a bit more clear. I’ll go get a second cup of coffee now.

This is how I’d like to see it work and it’s usually how other software does it.

The queue stays around until you destroy it by choosing to straight play a new album, single song, playlist etc.

Now that we have the fantastic Build 88 (thanks guys!!), I’m really using Roon heavily for the first time. This is my largest new area of concern.

I have no idea why the disappearing, self-modifying queue is considered a good thing, but I accept that some people prefer it. However, it is unique behavior that I’ve never seen in any other player (JRiver, Foobar, HQPlayer, WinAmp, iTunes, lowly Windows Media Player) and I strongly dislike it.

When I’m using Roon, I just pretend that there is no queue, because I have no idea what’s (still) in it or what song is going to play next if I decide to play songs out of order, or what to do if I want to go back to a song I heard recently and enjoyed. And then there’s the peculiarity of having “Repeat” and back button functionality for songs that aren’t in the queue anymore. Furthermore, when I create a playlist, it’s usually after I’ve added songs to a queue that I’ve wound up enjoying together. I can’t do that if the songs are gone from the queue.

I can see from Mike’s initial response in this thread that they prefer the Roon/Sooloos method of queue management. I’d be happy with that being the default method, but can we please add a static queue as an option?

And just to be clear, in addition to songs not disappearing from the queue, I’d want the song order to remain unchanged as well. If I add a 10 song album and skip from the 1st to the 8th, I want the next song played to be the 9th, not the 2nd.

Perhaps in time I’ll learn what the advantages of the current method are, but I would greatly prefer to have the choice.

Hi Keith,
Just checking you’ve seen some current features. The History page is all about the past and you can select, play, add to playlist from the History. If you skip to Track 8 by selecting it and hitting Play From Here then Track 9 will play next.