Don't remove items from the Queue when they've played [done in 1.4]

Thanks for your prompt response @andybob and Happy New Year.

It’s great that there’s a history page and it addresses a few of my concerns, but only marginally. I didn’t know about “Play From Here” from within the queue. That’s good, but it’s an extra step that bypasses the point that I don’t want the queue or its sequence to be changed by Roon at all.

What we’re talking about is a fundamental difference of opinion on what the purpose of the queue is. I want to be able to add a whole album, for example, or several albums, and then be able to move around within and repeat those songs after that with the queue and the song sequence remaining intact.

With the current method, I feel like I need to manually select each song I want to hear, even to move around within an album, because I can’t rely on the queue - other than to play an album though, start to finish, or play music in exactly the order I initially chose, which I almost never do.

Maybe my preferences are outdated and more related to the way things have been in the past with records, tapes, CD’s and other media player software. I’d never dream of asking you to do away with the functionality you and the team prefer, but I feel that the Roon/Sooloos method is enough of a departure from what I (and others?) are used to that having the option to do things the “old” way is warranted.

+1 for a non-destructive queue. The current queue behaviour is just plain odd.


+1 for non destructive.

  • 1 for the option of setting queue to non-destructive.
    When listening to new, unfamiliar music (or just something I don’t know well) while doing something else being able to check What song was that? from just glancing at the screen is very useful. Now doing my part in taking care of a six month old baby when I’m home means ‘doing somethong else’ is pretty much all the time.
    Going to History is unlikely, unless really important.
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+1 for the option to leave the queue intact (a non consuming queue). I use Aurender this way and love it.

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-1 to static queue, I really like it the way it is and think it an improvement over how iPeng /SBT handles this (particularly when using Radio)

+1 to choice though, but I think there are much more pressing issues.


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+1 / -1 … follow the lead of a popular control point: BubbleUPnP and make it user selectable (i.e. consume mode on/off).

For me, the consume mode is super annoying because I tend to skip around an album or playlist and replay songs out of order.


I’d also like to have the choice.
The idea of different colors for the already played songs, the current songs and coming songs in the playlist or the album would be most appreciated :heart_eyes:


This is also my biggest complaint…as a workaround (until Roon adds the option to not remove played items, hopefully), I enable repeat. This moves the played song back into the queue.

I guess as I generally pick and album and press play I don’t have much of an issue with the queue as-is.

I do think choice is good though, but I wonder at what point Roon should stop trying to micmic everything else’s workflow (that people seem to have come accustomed to - me included), and not just let people adjust to the ‘Roon’ way…

When I first picked up Roon I wanted it to do x, y and z, because I was used to that, but over time I’ve come to like the way it works. I still question the play button having to be pressed multiple times, and the ‘play from here’ implementation isn’t to my taste, but I guess what I’m getting at is if they try and make Roon emulate everything else’s workflow, there’s a chance it might become a bit of a mess of options or lose its own uniqueness?

In the meantime, you can already re-order things once they’re in the queue, btw, (maybe some don’t realise that), but skipping back isn’t an option.

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Yes it is, you can press the back transport button (bottom left) to get previous items back into the queue. Or maybe you don’t mean that?

For the record, I like the queue the way it is. Please don’t change it.

I didn’t know that - thanks for the tip! :+1:

Another for a non destructive queue. Being able to take the queue and turn it into a playlist is how pretty much all of my great playlists have originated.


Hi, do you know you can do that from play history?

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I advocate for having a non-destructive queue as an option so that we can all enjoy Roon in the way that we prefer.

What I don’t understand is, what is good about having the queue modify itself? Going back to and repeating songs that aren’t visible, having the queue change the song order when I skip songs, needing to call up the history to see what I’ve just listened to - none of those seems beneficial to me. What am I missing?


But that is really not the same at all. I played around with it and while I can tediously add one track at a time to a playlist there is no differentiation made between one listening session and another. In every other product I have used keeping the queue active allows me to take everything that is in the current queue and in only one or two steps create a playlist using all the item in the queue. Maybe I use the product differently than other people, but when we have company at the house the remote is always passed around for people to add music to listen to, at the end of the night many times I save the queue and go back and edit it and save for later. Also creating a playlist to listen to at a later time, normally involves listening to the music that I add to a queue and getting it the way I like and then saving it.

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[quote=“JBNY, post:37, topic:6060”]
… while I can tediously add one track at a time to a playlist
[/quote]Are you aware that multiple tracks can be selected and added in one go?
Long click a track, then shift click another track will inclusively select all the tracks between the first and the last.

[quote=“JBNY, post:37, topic:6060”]
there is no differentiation made between one listening session and another
[/quote]They are date stamped but admittedly without the time once over a day old.

So I need to be at my PC to shift click correct? I was trying to add multiple on the iPad. I will try it on the PC I’m sure it would work better. I always feel that using the PC to play music makes me feel like I just went back in time 8 years ago.

I completely understand that there is a work around, but the point I am trying to make is that roon has taken a very simple to use and almost universal way of doing something and for some reason made it much harder than it needs to be.

Here is an example of why not to have a destructive queue. I have a bunch of people over and everyone is having a good time listening to music, maybe there is 20 songs in the queue. One person not understating how things work, goes to add their song to the queue, but instead of adding the track to the end of the queue tells roon to play it now. The song gets put at the end of the queue and plays right away, the rest of the queue disappears. Normally I would just edit the current queue and move the currently playing song it’s place 20 songs earlier and let the queue continue to play out. But with a destructive queue it’s a lot of steps to bring things back to where it was.


Can this be done via a tablet? I’d be very surprised if most users weren’t controlling their listening experience from a tablet rather than a PC, especially once RoonReady devices are readily available.

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I appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting in this thread from the Roon team. You do great work and you’ve shown you’re dedicated to satisfying your customer base. However, the responses here have generally been to provide workarounds for not having a non-destructive queue.

I find this to be somewhat confusing. Maybe I’m wrong, but it would seem that adding an option to simply let the queue accumulate (and not automatically re-order) would be a rather simple thing to implement, would offend no one and would please many. I’m sure it’s more complex than I imagine, but it sounds like it would be a matter of (optionally) bypassing the existing code that alters the queue.

This thread was created last May, yet we don’t know if the Roon team is considering adding a non-destructive queue to the development list. Is the Roon team opposed to this idea for some reason?