DOS2 for Phantom Premier coming in November

Official Devialet Twitter account confirmed that they are working on final checks and are planning to roll out the Devialet OS 2 update in November. Fingers crossed it will come with RAAT support from version 2.0.0 onwards.

That would be great, but I don’t think we’ll be that lucky. I have no faith in Devialet’s software development skills after four years with a pair of Phantoms. On the other hand, I would love to be wrong.

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The Devialet app version 1.8 has been released today introducing Phantom Premier support and a way to upgrade the devices to the DOS2 firmware.

I’ve extensively beta-tested this release using two Gold Phantoms in stereo mode (no Dialog) with Airplay and Roon and it works well, the Phantoms can communicate with each other via Ethernet, WiFi or PLC—I’m using Powerline, which seems very stable. No Airplay 2 or RAAT support yet, apparently the former is what they shift focus to now, the latter might come afterwards. It’s a bit disappointing that after all this time they have not included Airplay 2 or RAAT support, but the user experience of the new app is certainly strong, with the digital volume knob a definite highlight.

I’ve switched all my Roon zones except my headphone zone (DragonFly Cobalt) to Airplay for now in order to retain the ability to group. Once they roll out RAAT I’ll probably switch back. One nice side-effect about using Airplay: the ability to control the Phantoms with my iPhone control center / lock screen & Apple Watch once the Devialet app has been started.

Edit: After listening to the Phantoms via Optical Direct mode and a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT for the whole year, the increase in soundstage and dynamics definitely was a watershed moment for me.

Does the system work as a UPnP renderer under DOS2?

I have 2 classic Phantoms and a Dialog - I use the UPnP to control the volume of the Phantoms using Roon.

There’s UPnP in the output options but according to a thread on DevialetChat, it’s flaky.

Here’s a screenshot from the guide whether to upgrade or not. It mentions Roon as UPnP app for Windows and Mac.

Can anyone confirm?

That’s plain wrong. UPNP is present (and works somewhat), but not with Roon.

In the current state of affairs, the only way to output from Roon directly is via Airplay (which does sound markedly better than before).

The upgrade to DOS2 went fine. The system seems a lot more stable (or should I say: less erratic?), the remote is more responsive and it all does what it’s supposed to do (which, admittedly, is not much at the moment).

While RAAT would be the icing on the cake – sound wise my Phantom Golds never sounded better with Roon.

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Thanks for a thorough explanation!
I think I’ll hold off updating for now, I want to be sure there’s no stability issues. There are reports of speakers out of sync and missing AirPlay at At the moment I’m gaining nothing by updating. The system is rock solid and the dedicated WiFi/PLC that the Dialog provides takes strain of my regular network. I also need the low latency mode for an upcoming surround system with 2x Golds and 3x Silvers. I just need to find the time to set it all up. The loss of multi room support is also a bummer. If RAAT is supported by the next update, it will be another story.

Same here. Flaky seems to be the high bar Devialet aspires to. I have no confidence this will be anything but a step into chaos. Things are finally working well now with Ropieee and Roon talking to each other and I don’t want to go backwards.

Glad I didn’t update. This is bad:

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For those of you that have updated to DOS2: I see mentioned that the sound from a pair of Phantoms is improved with DOS2. Larger/better sound stage is a recurring comment. Can it be that Devialet has made the Phantoms time-coincident in DOS2?
I know this is hard to know for sure without seeing a step response, but I still wonder what your impressions are…

Can’t promise anything, but I’ll try to measure the updated Silvers of my brother in law when I have the time.

Thanks, that would be great!

The release notes of DOS2 promised a few more dB, higher SPL (and maybe headroom?).

Could anyone please try the iFi UPnP bridge on DOS2? It’s only playing music for about a minute on DOS1 due to the bad UPnP implementation of Devialet. Maybe DOS2 has a better implementation.