Double album and limited menu

Hi @support,

I am currently in the process of ripping my CD collection via my Uniti Core with a Nucleus+ also wired into my system.

I currently have one 24-bit/192kHz FLAC high resolution file - an album by Joni Mitchell called Hejira. This was successfully added to my Unit Core database via a USB stick but I have since noticed that the album appears twice in this database.

I am unable to delete either entry for some reason as in both cases, only a limited menu is available to me i.e. “Play album”, “Queue next”, “Queue last”, Go to artist” and “New playlist” . I also find that the album is missing from my Roon album listing.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

It might have misidentified the album due to bad metadata or have some issue with the files themselves. If you got the library section in settings you can search for files that failed to be added to the library. This will identify if it’s an issue reading the files. Or if it’d misidentified then try looking for unknown artists it might be there.

Maybe i’s just the way you wrote the post but you say “a” high resolution file rather than “some” high resolution files. Just a thought. Do you have one large flac for the entire album or separate flacs for each track?

Hey @Philip_Bryce — Thanks for reaching out!

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here? Do both albums contain the same tracks, or was the album “split up” into two separate albums with different tracks?

Can you also share a screenshot of the files in it’s storage location via Finder or File Explorer?