Double CD issue: CD2 not identified

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Nucleus, internal SSD

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I have a Nucleus for about a week now. Installed an internal Samsung SSD, attached a LG CD-ROM Drive and started ripping my CD-Collection to the internal SSD. Works really good, except when it comes to double CDs. While CD1 is perfectly recognized CD2 is always not identified: I can play the files but there is no data at all. When I try to search for it the only offer I get is CD1 of the same album. I tried this with several double CD-Sets (most of them are quite popular e.g. “HIStory” by Michael Jackson), always the same result.

Since I’m all new to Roon/Nucleus it’s most probably my mistake, but I’m stuck.
Thanks for your help!

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How are the files tagged and organized?

I tend to put the files into a separate subfolder marked CD1, CD2, etc and name the file names “%discnumber%-%track number% %Title%” so I can give Roon as many chances as possible to see the structure.

Also what album titles do you have tagged for the albums? I would make sure that the album titles are the same (ie “HIStory”) rather than “HIStory CD1” and “History CD2” etc.

I have the same issue with multiple cd sets. One come up with the album and tracks identified and the second is displayed with a default album cover and the tracks are track1 2 3 4. Something like that. Take a look at the merge function. I use that to join them together.

Well, I didn’t create any folders, Ieft all that to Roon/Nucleus.
I’m just inserted a CD into my drive and waited for Roon to rip it (I thought this is how it’s meant to be?).

So in this case I inserted CD1, and everything went okay. Then I did the same with CD2: it was ripped but without any metadata. No file names, no cover-art, no nothing. I could probably add everything manually, but I thought there must be an easier way. If I give CD2 the same name (manually) that doesn’t change anything. I guess I’m lost…

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I think there are two significant factors here…

This is ripping directly to Nucleus using Roon functionality, and
These (HIStory at least) are two-CD albums, not box sets.

Roon should get this right without having to resort to a manual merge…

Take a look at this post - it has steps that you can do to help Roon identify CD boxsets (i.e. more than one CD in the release).

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Hmm… seems like a bit of an issue with the Nucleus ripping functionality then… what happens if you rip the disks in reverse order?

I thought about this, too. But haven’t tried it yet.

No idea - personally I don’t mind giving Roon a helping hand. It’s easy enough to do, and there are worse things in life at the moment to worry about.

Thank you very much for your help. I tried it exactly the same way and it worked!!!


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