Double tracks on a disc

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Win Server 2012 / Last Roon Build

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Description Of Issue

Why Roon duplicates the tracks on this record? The disc is not recognized but is tagged with all the fields for classical music (work, part etc. etc.)

Hi @Flavio61,

Are you seeing this with any other albums?

If you start playback of both versions of the track does it play for both?

Can you share a screenshot of View File Info for both instances of I. Allegro non troppo (3 dots > View File Info).

The problem is only on this album, indeed the album is a double CD and the problem is only on the second disc of the album.
Unfortunately right now I’m just loading the files and I have no chance to listen to the tracks.

The File Info are the same.

Hi @Flavio61,

I’m hoping we can try to re-import this album so we can see if there is any change. Please try the following:

  1. Make a copy of the album outside of your Roon watched folders. This is very important as the original files will be deleted, so make sure you have this copy.
  2. In Roon, delete this album.
  3. Move the copy you made in Step 1 into the watched folder.
  4. After the files re-import, share a screenshot of how things look.

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