Doubt about native dsd

Hi, I have a question about playing dsd on windows.
My dac is Chord hugo 2, which accepts native dsd up to dsd512, but in the options I can not select native and the dsd512 is disabled.
I would like to know if it is only limited to a specific platform, or it is a problem of roon or chord driver.


Although your Chord is capable of doing DSD natively, it highly depends on the endpoint you’re using. So what’s before the Chord? A PC? Some kind of network streamer? A Raspberry Pi?

hi, i use a pc with windows 10 creators connected directly to usb 3.0

Sounds like maybe wrong driver is being used…most wasapi drivers can’t get to full dsd512, but the ASIO one should

I have a similar problem with my Pro-Ject Pre Box S2, 512 is not available, and I can only select DoP in Roon although the DAC supports native DSD. Not that there is any sound quality differences between DoP and native, but still.

As @wizardofoz already mentioned: having DoP while your DAC supports native DSD has everything to do with the endpoint, not with the DAC itself. The endpoint must be able to transmit native DSD to your DAC. That’s in many cases (almost all) is a (USB) driver issue.

When the endpoint is a Linux-one (like a Raspberry Pi), I might be able to help out because in that case we can patch Linux to support a particular DAC.

And Magnus is right: it makes no difference in sound quality (although there are folks that claim that the reordering of bytes take more CPU capacity). It does make a difference however in the required bandwidth: DoP requires more bandwidth than the native DSD variant, hence it can limit your max rate.