Down sampling to 16 bit

Sonic transporter i5 running Roon 1.7 (just updated) to an ultrarendu and synthesis a40 amp/dac

The signal path shows my system playing high quality, but not lossless. The bit depth is being converted down to 16bit on 24bit streams. Are there settings I need to change?

Hi @Kevin_Kaplan,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this Zone and of the Signal Path when you’re seeing this issue?


Hi @Kevin_Kaplan,

Thank you for providing those screenshots. I would like to eliminate one of the variables here, can I please ask you to temporarily connect your Synthesis a40 directly to the Core and let me know if the behavior is the same?

Thanks. Not sure I can do that. I think the sonictransporter is just a server, not a player, with only an Ethernet output to connect to my router. Here’s a picture. Happy to follow any connection instructions.


Hello @Kevin_Kaplan,

Could you copy and paste the text that prints to the screen when you go to the SonicOrbiter > Apps > Roon Ready > Roon Ready diagnostic page on your ultraRendu?


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Not sure if this is related, but Playback keeps stopping, requiring me to reboot the sonictransporter. See this screen shot:

Do you need any more information for now?

Hello @Kevin_Kaplan,

Thanks for your patience while I had the technical team take a look at this.

Looking at the logs you sent over, it appears that the DAC itself is reporting that it only supports 16bit formats to the ultraRendu:


There were no changes in Roon 1.7 that should have impact on this behavior. Roon is automatically dithering the 24bit content to 16bits to ensure that playback works on the 16bit audio device.

I would recommend reaching out to the Small Green Computer and or Sonore support team for further assistance with this issue. They will be in the best position to look into any specific issues with the JBL DAC and your devices.


Thank you. I’ll follow up with Small Green and Sonore.

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