Download links are they updated to build 200

@support I had a problem with roon core which I mentioned in another post. I uninstalled and reinstalled

however the ones thath I have installed recently are build 196…

does it take sometime for the download links also to be aupdated to the latest version??


Are you downloading from page ?

I’ll leave a tag for @support just in case it is an oversight.

If you have installed 196, go to settings about and it will check for any pending updates.

Hello @Serkan_Kuyumcu,

Apologize for misunderstanding but in your other post you said that roon updated itself to b200:

So, on which device Roon is still running b196 ? Have you tried to reboot the device, clean web-browser’s cache and disable antivirus (if you have one) ?

That was part of another problem that I mentioned in another post. It is now resolved.

After roon crashed I downloaded it again . However the downloaded version was b196 and it tried to update itself to b200. This about an hour after b200 was released.

Now everything is fine as I mentioned in the other post but I did not try to download again and check the build since it is automatically updated to b200


It would inspire confidence if the download links were always updated to the new versions. I’ve had a similar problem recently with non-updating remotes and download links being outdated.

The Android apk direct download is updated to build 200, but it is still not in the Google Play Store. Takes Android app registration more time compared to a few years back?

Checking on this, I probably missed this :grin:

Edit: should be good now. Sorry about that!

Yep, available now.

Thanks @mike.