Downloaded 1 album and it appears as 2

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Roon Nucleus

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Cisco C2960L router

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DcsVivaldi dac, all wired

Description Of Issue

I have downloaded a series of Nils Frahm Albums from Erased Tapes without any issue, negotiating the album identification process and track reallocation. But 1 Album, All Melody is causing me problems. I now have 2 versions of this album, 1 with all but 1 track and 1 with the missing track, track 8 on it. The one with all but track 8 does show track is missing.

Is there an idiots guide as to how to use the album amalgamation facility as this idiot isnt getting it, thus I can have 1 album in the right order.

Yes i’ve downloaded it 4 times and it still splits in 2.

I have created a playlist, but track 8 is either No1 or at the end.



Have you tried the merge function. Sounds like a strange issue but merge may help.

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When I initially ported my music to Roon a few years back I ran into this problem with several files. I think this occurred because I had edited these albums previously and had either changed the album art or possibly the artists name. Those edits seemed to confuse Roon since all of the tracks did not have the same album art associated with each track. It was easy for me to use the merge feature and then check to make sure it had the album art I wanted showing.

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Hi Nick,

Apologies if you already did this and it didn’t work for some reason.

  1. Go to the Albums screen.
  2. Highlight the albums you want to merge by right clicking on them.
  3. An “edit” button will appear top right.
  4. Click on it and you should come to the following screen:
  5. Click on merge albums.
  6. By the sounds of things you will just be able to accept all roon’s auto-prompts when it asks you questions. Sometimes you may need to fiddle about with the track/disk numbers and/or make sure the album title is the same in both albums. But it sounds like you are good to go.

Thats looks very easy thanks. Ill give it a go as i do my listening seperate from my PC.
Many thanks

Thanks Tony.

All together.

Cheers Nick

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