Downloaded Roon Trial but can’t login


I am trying to download the Roon trial. I set up an account for the community and whatever I do it wont let me login or create an account from the home page and the “free Trial”

I’m not sure if the login details are the same for the trial but I am using those logins details to access the trial

When I try to sign in it just loops back to the login page and I get a security alert email

Earlier I was getting " Create account failed due to network error, Please check your connection and try again"

I have no idea what the problem is. I can login to this community no problem if I go straight to the community page, but trying to download a free trial is becoming very difficult

Any suggestions are welcome

I think some of the authentication servers are down. Try tomorrow.

Also, if things come back up I remember not being able to do this from a windows 10 computer or an Android phone (with a Nucleus core).
I had to set up with an iPad and then both my phone (samsung) and computer worked.
Just something else to keep in mind as I wasn’t alone with that issue.

Well that does not bode well for a potential new user’s experience to have the Auth. servers down when he’s trying to get set-up…not good.

That’s not usual.

Cloud computing welcome to the future/present.

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I must admit its not a great start. Yesterday I managed to login and start my trial, but it was late so I got up early this morning and now I cant login again…

Why would you need to log in again? If you logged in last night your Core should have been awarded the necessary license and won’t request another login.
Please give a brief explanation of your setup, where your Roon software is installed, which flavour of Roon and where your media source and endpoints are etc.


I took the day off yesterday to start my trial

By the time I got access to login it was too late in the evening to set it up and spend the necessary time to understand it

So I downloaded the Mac dmg and decided to set it up this morning , but again could not login

Seem to have sorted it now though

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