Downloading roon 1.8

I need ro download roon (not core) for my Mac I have core 1.8 core running but I need to download a compatible version of room onto a new machine.

the links here:
only refer to roon core not roon itself

See this page, with download links.

ok many thanks Martin and for the nomenclature

do I need to switch my versions of roon server and or roon ?

Your iMac is already running legacy Roon 1.8 because of OS incompatibility, so you need to move your core to this version, too.

The downloads are under the heading, “Download Links for Roon Core 1.8 (Legacy)”. If your core is on a Nucleus or ROCK, the steps are different and described in the following section.

yes I got there n the end :slight_smile: now have roon on my desktop working nicely with my roon server except when Mac studio *core audio is selected as my end point I cannot get my AirPods to work I posted similar the other night but that was on iPhone (which is now working great ) so nearly there with this unfortunately my naim atom doesn’t live with me in my study :frowning: the naim works brilliantly and sounds brilliant too :slight_smile:

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