Downsampling from DSD256 to PCM 352 - ADL Stratos DAC

I have been using Roon with a Teac UD-501 DAC satisfactorily. I just swapped DACs on my Roon system for a ADL Stratos in order to take advantage of its capability to handle DSD128 and DSD256 music. Unfortunately, the music is downsampled to 352.8/PCM. Referring to the post below, does version 1.3 support DSD128 and DSD256 ?

Hardware and Software :
Dell XPS 8900 computer (i7 6700 CPU, 24G memory, 256G mSSD, 2TB HDD) operating under Win10
Sonore microRendu
ADL Stratos

Hi @Pierre_Paquin ----- Thank you for the feedback. Can you please provide me with screenshots of the signal path leaving Roon and also the audio settings you are using when you notice this behavior.

Furthermore, while I am not completely familiar with this DAC (ADL Stratos), I did do some research and found on the ADL website that the Stratos has a DSD file playback guide for listening to DSD content on the device. Seems like a special driver may be needed here. Can you verify this?


Just to be clear, we do support DSD128 and DSD256, as described here – the post you linked to is from 2015.

This does depend on the driver communicating properly with Roon – @Eric can help you with that, but you may also want to ask ADL how people use this product with software other than Foobar.

I’ve uploaded the screen shot of the signal path as well as another of the settings in mRendu. After the initial post yesterday, I tinkered a bit with my DAC and connected it directly to the computer loaded with Roon Core Server and was able to play DSD files (from DSD32 to DSD256) after uploading the Furethech and foo_bar Asio drivers as per instructions referred to by @mike. This led me to believe that the issue may have come from the connection to the mRendu and reached out to Jesus R at mRendu. The problem may come from the fact that Stratos does not seem to do DSD over DoP. I will reach out to ADL to find out if this is really the case.

In the meantime, Jesus is working on a solution that would enable the mRendu to handle DSD natively with the Stratos. No ETA though.

Thanks Mike for this confirmation. Roon handles DSD256 flawlessly when the DAC is connected directly to the computer hosting the Roon Core. May this is possible because the ASIO drivers allows the dac to handle DSD natively. I’m a Newbie so I may be wrong.