Downvote for current song in radio mode

There’s a downvote feature for the next song in radio mode but I’m missing this feature for the current song. As I don’t remember every track in my library by just seeing its name I can’t always predict if the next song will fit to the radio list.

Isn’t it already there? Can’t you double click the heart in the now Playing bar?

Well, I didn’t know about that feature. Thanks for pointing out. I found another topic which explains that up-/downvoting does not train the radio algorithm.

So this topic could be removed from the froum. :slight_smile:

The banning feature is not at all the same as the down vote feature in the radio section. What is it you want?

The down vote in the radio, just suspends that track from being played during that radio session, but leaves it available say next week. It also provides the current radio session with feedback in shaping that session.

The heart bans a track. It does not stop the current track from playing and jump to the next one. Once banned the song will never be played again unless you specifically tell Roon to play it.

No I don’t want to never hear a track again. I just don’t want a particular pop song be played again when starting a radio from a particular rock song. I thought radio works like that it learns what fits together in my opinion.

No, that is not how it works. All the thumbs down does to the song is ban it from the current radio session. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t want the thumbs down button to have a permanent effect on what is played via radio. A song I don’t want to hear now I could very well want to hear the next time I am using the radio feature.

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What you are speaking of is the already existing ban feature. I also don’t want that. As the radio feature is based on a song/artist/album, I thought it could be trained that I never want to hear a particular Metallica song when I play a Nirvana radio. But that’s only learned for Nirvana radio. But if I play a Megadeath radio, the song shouldn’t be omitted.

If I understand that right, Roon Radio is more like an enhanced shuffle mode. If I start a new session, everything I’ve done before was temporary. If I play the same Radio again Roon doesn’t remember my downvotes, right?

That is a good question, I’m not sure.