Dragonfly and Roon

I’ve got Roon running on my dedicated linux server and a (old) MacBook Pro with a dragonfly connected to an USB port.
It runs fine but every time when I change an album in Roon or when I start a listening session I’ve got to push a key on the keyboard of the MacBook Pro.
It then works but when I change the album after a while the dragonfly is no longer as an endpoint or Roon. After pushing a key it comes available in Roon.
Any idea how this can be solved?

Hi @goosse,

Have you made sure to add both Roon and RAATServer as exceptions to your OSX firewall? You can use these instructions to check. Also, are you using any other Antivirus of firewall blocking software on the OSX machine such as Bullguard, Little Snitch, McAFee? What is your network setup like, can you let me know the model/manufacturer of the router?

– Noris

Sorry perhaps I Wasn’t clear, the issue is not that it’s not working it stops working after a while so the firewall isn’t the problem it’s more like the laptop goes in standby and as long as it’s running everything goes well but until I select a different album/song.
My setup is that everything is wired through ethernet, the Roon server is running on a proliant dedicated machine. The MacBook Pro with dragon fly is connected to my marantz sr5008 which is connected to a NAD C272 power amplifier. I use my iPhone or my (new)macbook to decide which music to play.
The Roon server is connected to Tidal and I have about 6000 songs in my own library.

Hope this helps to give you more information about the setup and the issue I have

Problem is solved the laptop went in standby and after that Roon lost the dragonfly as an endpoint.
Changed the energy savings and now it works perfect!

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