Dragonfly Cobalt/iPhone/Roon

Got an email from Roon this morning saying that Dragonfly Cobalt was now “Roon-tested” so “you can quickly turn your phone . . . into a hi-res endpoint.”

Now I already knew that Roon recognized the Dragonfly as an endpoint when I plugged it into my Mac; it creates a zone complete with picture and version number.

But when I plugged the Dragonfly into my iPhone, nothing like that happened. If I play through the phone with the Dragonfly connected, the signal path does show lossless output via a USB device attached to the phone, but there is no mention of the Dragonfly.

Should I care? I guess if I’m really getting lossless output, I don’t care. But I always like to see those little pictures of whatever I’m playing through. Any ideas?

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Same here, no mention of the dragonfly, not on iphone 11 Pro with USB or USB/Lightning Adapter, nor on iPad Pro 11 with Dragontail. I see only a USB Device, no Dragonfly grapic or whatever. What do we have to do to get this thing correctly recognized and configured?


Go to settings, audio, select the USB Device that’s the Dragonfly, press device setup, choose “not my device” in the setup menu and select the Dragonfly graphic.

Thanks, but that’s the problem: the Dragonfly doesn’t appear in Settings when it’s connected to the iPhone, only when it’s connected to a Mac.

Hello @Charles_Schaible,

Due to limitations in iOS, we are not able to reliably detect what DAC is connected to the device. Irrespective of this limitation, Roon will do its best to optimize the output parameters for the connected DAC.


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Thanks. It’s clear that Roon knows it’s addressing a Dragonfly. 24/48 and 24/96 play losslessly; 24/176 gets rezzed down to 24/88. Also, MQA unfolds as expected. Too bad about the little pictures though.

How is the sound quality using Roon with the DragonFly and the iPhone ?

Thinking about buying the Dragonfly to get a better DAC than the iPhone lightning to 3.5mm jack cable to use with my Shure E535 earphone. The Shure E535 use the 3.5mm stereo jack.


Sounds great. I’ve used Dragonflies with an iPhone to play Tidal downloads into Campfire Andromedas while out walking for a long while now. Today was the first time I tried it at home with Roon, so I can’t yet say if there’s any improvement. But I think I would listen to headphones around the house a lot more if I could do it without being tethered. So in that respect I really like this setup.

You have the DragonFly Cobalt right ? Did you compare the Colbalt with previous model (Red) ?


Yeah. With all due respect to Archimago, I do think the Cobalts sound better than either the Reds or Blacks. More heft to the sound; still great clarity.