How to use Naim NAC-N 272 with Roon?

Could I plug the Dragonfly cobalt into my NAIM NAC N272 (similar to the superuniti) and use the USB input to stream roon???

Hello @Dave_Morency,

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As to your question, the DragonFly will not allow your Naim NAC-N 272 to stream from Roon. The NAC-N 272 USB input is only for playing files from attached storage devices. You cannot add music streaming capabilities to the NAC-N 272 using its USB input.

If you would like to stream to the NAC-N 272 using Roon, I would recommend a Roon Ready device with SPDIF outputs. Some examples of Roon Ready devices with SPDIF outputs include the Allo DigiOne Player, Bluesound Node 2i, and AURALiC ARIES. You can find more options on our Partners page and Partner Device Matrix.


Could the nucleus be an option using the USB connection to the naim nac n272?

The usb on the 272 is for storage you can’t attach a DAC to it. The other alternative is to use a Sonore upnp bridge which will sit between roon and the Naim so the 272 sees it as a upnp device and roon sees it as a lms server.

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