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Should you be driving to Cornwall🤔

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Couple of hours… Got to get dogs to kennels in an hour

It’s gonna be a long drive, the M5 is already filling up…:roll_eyes:

Have a great break. :dumpling::beer:

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is M5 a “Autobahn” or are you filling your very fast BMW? :smile:
have fun in Cornwall


Any given Friday, the M5 from Bristol start’s full and somehow just gets fuller.
Strange rules for that road. I will wave as I drive slowly by :+1:

BTW @cinematic the fast BMW would be wasted in the traffic jam :grin:


You’re right, I have a fast BMW but it’s only fast late at night when “normal” people are asleep :grin:


It is a music relate thread :rofl: I think Chris refers to the M25 Parking Lot …


Thought he was going to Texas :grinning:

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The M5 is a motorway. Similar in concept to an Autobahn, however the distinct difference is that (native)* Autobahn drivers actually know how to use them! :rofl:

Here in the UK, driving in the middle lane seems to be the most widely acknowledged way for a car to travel and the idea of “die Rettungsgasse” is simply beyond comprehension.

*felt the need to qualify that based on the number of emergency announcements on Ă–3 radio when I lived in Austria alerting drivers of someone travelling the wrong way along the A8!


I thought I heard that radio stuff at the start refer to the M25

Ah well.

I lived in Brentwood and had to use the M25 a lot , probably still etched on my brain :joy:

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M25 or Texas… (Or even Florida)

It’s a toss up for any of them.

But once you get off the M25 and enjoy Devon and Cornwall in weather like this it’s definitely closer to Heaven than Hell (@PixelPopper must love it, besides all those pesky tourist’s)

And as it is a music thread

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Absolutely spot on comment. Where is James Bond with rockets in bis car to make people drive properly :grin:

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You must be hallucinating, thinking the average Germans know how to drive… they’re actually worse!

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Many years ago I used to drive from Holland to Hanover and the number of skid marks that just went off the roads and down bankings used to scare the crap out of me. A lot of these wer two lane autobahns at that time as well.

One of the Germans I worked with explained to me that it was Porsche drivers coming around the corner at 200KMH and trying to avoid a Trabant doing 60KMH.

30 years later and I still don’t know if he was pulling my leg.

Hexagonal hopefully :grinning:

Yes,trabant doing 60kph :scream:

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I’m wondering if I’m the only one that had to Google Trabant. :flushed:

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Is it not a car you had ever seen?
Unlike the Skoda and Lada which were I am sure originally designed as Tanks, the Trabant was not designed at all to even be car :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had the pleasure of driving behind some very slow Eastern block car’s in the early 90s on Autobahns and it’s not something I am likely to ever forget :flushed::scream_cat:

The Trabant was merely the worst of them from what I remember.

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No googling over fifty and/or interested in cars.
Needed googling normal people.

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Driving german Autobahn sometimes animates you to sing :slightly_smiling_face:
Erpelrain Eeeeerpeeelraaain…