Dropouts duing 24/192 playback

installed Roon on a Synology DS 916+ Nas with 8GB memory. Followed all the instructions in the Rieke blog and there is an external SSD connected to the NAS via USB 3.0. The configuration is as follows: Nas connected to Linksys Router EA 4500. Router then connected to DCS Vivaldi Upsampler / Network player. Buffer Mode is on in the Upsampler. When I play hi-res files 24/192 I get drop-outs. Any idea on what is causing this? Thanks

Connected wireless?

connected using ethernet: audioquest diamond ethernet cable to and from the router. it is a cat 7 cable. ethernet is gigabit.

Redbook: No dropouts!

Hm, has the Vivaldi to resample or is Roon showing a purple dot when playing?

Is the Master Mode set on the vivaldi?

thats the screen shot. not sure about the purple do that you are referring to. But yes the vivaldi is upsampling to 352. it is set on DXD mode

no dropouts in REDBOOK BTW

So maybe it is related to AIFF files when upsampled. Can try to disable the upsampling for a test.

The output is local on a MAC? So seems for the output on the MAC the MAC has to resample (down) again i would guess, and normally PCs have a 48KhZ output sometimes so there could be the problem. Could also try to let the Vivaldi upsample to 192 kHz instead.

Master Mode is set on in the Vivaldi DAC. No Mac in the playback chain. Synology DS 916+ ethernet out to router. Ethernet out from Router to Vivaldi Upsampler input. Then digital out from Vivaldi Upsampler using 2 AES / XLR Cables to the Vivaldi DAC. Thats the playback chain. Running the ROON control software on my macbook pro to control playback. Core is on synology. Redbook upsampled is not an issue but 24 / 192 upsampled 24 / 384 = dropouts!

all my files are aiff

I see hm. And from the Vivaldi DAC the output goes where (into amp, direct connected headphones)?

from vivaldi dac analog outputs to preamplifier using balanced outputs then preamplifier connected to power amplifier.

on the dac master mode is on

Can you switch off or change the digital filter for a test?

not sure if I filter can be switched off. but let me try filter 6 for 24/192 and get back to you

so seems OK

tried filter 6. still getting dropouts on 24/192. This is on the dac. on upsampler its filter 1 and can not seem to change it. changed back to filter 5 on the dac. new to dcs and to roon!

Sorry then i really don’t know what’s the fish in the setup.

thanks anyway! have sent dcs an email as well! Have a great day!

You too. Something comes to mind if you set both DAC and Upsamplers Clock to Auto Mode and see what happens.