Dropouts/Errors when Upsampling

Core Machine (ROCK/NUC 7i7BNH/Roon 1.6 build 416)

Core connected to Cable ISP modem [5268AC] via Ethernet

SOTM SMS 200 NEO (Roon Endpoint) via Ethernet -> via USB (Uptone USPCB) to Lampizator Amber 2 DAC (Amanero Combo384)

Roon is working fine for general operation with processing speeds ~30x for Tidal Flac and MQA streams and similar for internal storage Wav/Flac files.

The problem is when I try to upsample any of these files (Tidal Streaming or Internal Library Storage) to a higher bitrate PCM, I start getting dropouts and the song stops and goes to the next track. I get an error during Tidal streaming of something like “Tidal streaming slow” and during internal storage playback of “network issue.”

Also, in case this helps- although the DAC is DSD capable, I have no device settings for DSD and the upsampling settings do not allow for conversion to DSD. When I was using an Auralic Aries as an endpoint, I had no problem converting to DSD from FLAC and Wav. Is this possible a problem with the way the SOTM interacts with the Lampizator DAC?

Hi @harry_finkel,

Welcome to the community! Can you please let me know the processing speed when you have up-sampling turned on? What happens if you bypass the SMS 200 and connect the Lampizator directly to the Core, do you still experience this issue?

– Noris

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