Dropouts galore, even when streaming internet radio

Roon Core Machine

MacPro7,1, 16 Core 3.2GHz CPU, 32GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TPLink Archer 4000 v3.0 WiFi with dedicated wireless network to Roon (Mytek & Roon server)

Connected Audio Devices

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge via Wifi
The Mytek shows 95-100% signal quality on it’s WiFi meter.

Number of Tracks in Library

N/A for this issue
About 7-10k total tracks on my server.

Description of Issue

When streaming internet radio, I have periods throughout the day when the connection is dropped, often within seconds. At other times it will play for hours with no interruption. Same goes for playing from the library, which might be slightly more understandable from a bandwidth perspective.

This behavior has continued despite updating the server hardware, the internet and router (they’re literally all sitting beside each other), assigned to their own dedicated wifi channel, and irregardless of the paltry bandwidth requirements this needs. It seems wholly a Roon problem, I can stream all day long from a web browser.
It’s existed as long as I’ve had Roon, I’ve brought it up before, but the issue has never really gone away.

Streaming radio is one of my preferred ways of discovering new music (especially college stations), so while the Roon interface and metadata is a fantastic resource, it’s only one of many approaches I use to find new material.

The only other option is that the Mytek is somehow flawed. Anyone else seeing problems with theirs? MControl and Qobuz/Tidal/own libary all seem to work fine, no issues like this one, no hiccups, dropped connections or anything. I can play all day long.

Roon looks nice and offers some compelling features thanks to the rich metadata and artist/track information, but performs far worse than the alternatives on the exact same hardware and configuration. I do like it, but sometimes wonder what I’m paying for when I end up just giving up on it after incidents like this. Especially as competitors add the same metadata themselves and improve their offerings.


With the devices sitting next to each other have you tried a wired ethernet connection?
Does this problem exist then?
I can shut down my wifi streaming music. My kids can testify. :slight_smile: I’ve since had the home wired.

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I have not, the Mytek and Roon server are on either side of an internal wall (sheetrock). As it’s a rental, I’m not able to start drilling holes.

They’re literally about 1m apart from each other. Interestingly enough, the same issue does not occur using any other streaming system, same music, server, etc.

Not sure what kind of music you’re streaming that can shut down your wifi, maybe upgrade your router to fix that? :wink:

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I’m sure it was something I did.

I never use wifi for streaming,ethernet all the way,though I do understand thats not always possible,is it possible for you to use ethernet to rule out issues with your wifi

Roon requires some bandwidth, thats the reason for the recommendations to ALWAYS hard wire your Core. I can almost promise you trouble free streaming with the Core wired.
And, you can try this out by simply pulling a cable for a day or two.
Why you are having dropouts? Likely bad configuration/setup of the WLAN, hopping between channels and 2.4Ghz/5Ghz bands, neighbours routers competing over channel identifications etc etc etc.

I have had Roon for a few years now and a broadband internet with everything hardwired and although nothing was changed in the installation, Internet radio has been showing the same disturbing instability since today. Direct streaming of Tidal, Internet radio etc on a Cambridge Audio EVO without Roon on the other hand is rock solid and never has a dropout. I am the only one in my family who still uses Roon, the others are fed up with the lingering Roon problems. I will be soon too.


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