Dropouts Using Cary DMC 600 SE

I am having difficulties with dropouts using my Cary DMC 600 SE. Roon is loaded on my Dell XPS 2705 with 16M of RAM. My music files are stored on the computer hard drive. My computer is connected to the Cary via USB. I get a momentary drop out about every 5 minutes. This does not sound like much of an issue, but the there is a relay that activates every time a USB signal is present. With each dropout, the relay clicks on and off which is very annoying. This happens when and I listening to my files on the hard drive and also when listening to Tidal through Roon.

Interestingly, I do not get dropouts using USB when playing my hard drive files using JRiver or when streaming with the Tidal app.

I can connect the Roon output to my SONOS box via ethernet and take the SONOS digital output and connect it to the Cary coaxial input. There are no dropouts, but the sound quality is not as good as USB.

I have contacted Cary, and they feel that the DMC 600 is working correctly and the driver is correct since there are no problems with JRiver or Tidal.

I have uninstalled Roon and reinstalled it, and I am using the default settings, and the problem still persists.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Thanks for the detailed report, @gdolin!

To start, I’d like to gather a little more information regarding the behavior you’re experiencing. May I kindly ask that you please verify the following:

  • Is this the only audio zone you’re experiencing this with? I know above you mentioned that the SONOS box works, but have you tried any other endpoints using USB?Have you tried using a different USB cable?
  • While this may be elementary, have you tried power cycling both your Core machine and your Cary device?
  • Is the firmware on the Cary up to date?

Have you noticed any other patterns in when this behavior occurs? Does it happen between tracks? When playing certain types of files? When using Radio or Shuffle as opposed to just playing an album?

Thank you,

@gdolin I can’t find any reference to the specs of this machine…but when you say files are playing from the hard disk that raises a red flag that this is perhaps not a spec that meets the minimum requirements and could be causing the dropouts you are experiencing. Assuming also that you meant 16G of ram.