Dropouts when streaming from any source

@dylan Same problem here, playback drops out when streaming from local NAS, Qobuz, Tidal and internet Radio.

All was OK and worked consistently prior to latest Roon update.

Config - ROCK on an 8th gen Core i3 NUC, WD MyCloud NAS, Mac Big Sur OS client (streaming via Airplay), Naim Uniti Supernova - all on wired network, no wifi, all at latest s/w build Rock and Mac 1.8 build 795

Mac client plays ok then audio stops, playback bar continues to move thru to the end of the track but no sound, then starts audio again on next track

Hi @Alan_Priestley

Does the same behavior occur if you play to System Output or is this just to the Naim?

Happens on both the Naim and the Mac - not as often on the Naim as on the Mac. Also happens on the Mac system output and Airplay