DSD converted to PCM with DoP-capable Meridian 818v3

And how…

My 818 v3 plays dsd and 192 files via usb using Audrivana

Will it play these files using Roon?

Yes. Always did.

Thanks; Will it work with Sooloos files on a QNAP loaded into Roon library?

One way to lift it is to put a MicroRendu in front of the USB input.

Same question as Spector–specifically, do you have to export a flac version of your sooloos library in order to play 192 files via usb through the 818?

Don’t understand the question. You want to export your Sooloos library regardless, got nothing to do with 192.

I think some basic questions need to be asked. Where are your files? What kinds? What set up? What problems are you experiencing?