DSD. Do Tidal &/or Qobuz have DSD files as well as PCM?

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core MacBook Air

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Project Stream Box Ultra 2

Connected Audio Devices

Deanfrips Iris DDC. Pontus DAC. Hestia pre and Hyperion power amps

Number of Tracks in Library

Not a massive library.

Description of Issue

How to find DSD files to play to test I2S HDMI pin configuration works for both PCM Max upscale (x2) and DSD. I only play Tidal and Qobuz via Roon. My Denafrips get can handle PCM DSD everything but MQA. Max upscale works fine for PCM.

I don’t think the streaming services have any DSD, but the test bench from record label 2L offers a few handfuls of tracks in various HighRes formats, including DSD up to 256:


Thanks, that cleared that up!

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Thanks. To be OCD about it -if a DSD file was ever ( however unlikely) to turn up thru Tidal or Qobuz and I had PCM Max(x2) on, then Roon would automatically covert the DSD to PCM? ( i.e no surprise noise thru the speakers).

It depends on your solution. Because i2S is a dumb format (it can’t talk back to Roon to self identify it’s capabilities) then you have to do that yourself. You can set Roon to simply convert any DSD to PCM which would prevent the scenario you are worried about.

Yes, that makes sense. Also Roon FAQ tells me that there are features in the DSP Engine (like headroom management) which require DSD to PCM conversion to happen when they are enabled.

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