DSD file organisation problem

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic:
My current library consists of pcm and dsd files (.dff and .dsf). The library stricture is:
artist / album / tracks

Unfortunately Roon has problems organising the DSD files and cover arts correctly. There is no way to explain this but it’s a big mess. However, PCM files are organised nicely. What is the best way to solve this (apart from going to each album and making re-assignments)?

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I have over 100 DSD albums and I don’t recall any of them being a problem. I organize albums by:

Artist Name/Album Name/Track # with Track Name

Can you provide a better description of the problem?

Basically, the dff files are left hanging around. The dsf albums do not show up at all. Or is there an instruction or setting that I can use…?

There is nothing special you need to do. Roon supports both DFF and DSF formats. I use DSF only because I often add metadata to the files.

What does “left hanging around” mean?

Are these DSD albums unique or are they another version of an existing album? Do these albums show up in the “Settings → Library → Skipped files” list?

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@Lorenz_Soh, I have moved your post to the #support category, so it gets appropriate attention.

As @musicjunkie917 suggests, please provide examples of the issue; using screenshots will be helpful here.

Similarly, describing your setup can help those assisting you, so I’d appreciate you completing the following. Thanks.

Roon Core Machine

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Sure but that would take a while - I tried Roon for 2 weeks and then I decided not to take it up because of these issues (apart from sound quality). I think I might still have some trial coupons lying around so I can attempt again…

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