DSD File Playback Error?

So the capacity is 149,78 GB and the available space is 45,04 GB (and then it says 19,94 GB is erasable)ā€¦

Should be enough disk space for now, IMO.

Iā€™d definitely try quitting out of all applications other than Roon, rebooting, and seeing what the experience is like then.

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Hi @Robin_Beek ---- Touching base with you to see if have made any progress or new observations based on the suggestions made by other users.

Moving forward, if you are still experiencing this behavior I would recommend trying to play your DSD content without the DSP engine in an active state and see how things behavior.


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Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I was a bit too busy to try. I will hopefully find some time to follow your advice this weekend. Ill report back :slight_smile:

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