DSD Issues After Reinstalled External Drive

#Roon Core Machine
Attached drives with music: LaCie 5TB and Western Digital SSD 4TB

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Description of Issue

I removed drive to add new ripped files. Reinstalled drive and DSD no longer works correctly PCM is fine. I hear low volume of song with white noise.

The Core has had reinstall of the OS and multiple reboots no change. DSD shows correct rate on DAC and plays fine from transport. Roon has native DSD and setting Roon to DoP output doesn’t seem to generate audio or correct bit/sample rate on DAC.

The DOP isn’t an issue as the Matrix isn’t passing the signal I would have to connect USB to the DAC directly as I recall.

If I convert to PCM the DSD files play. Roon doesn’t like native DSD right now. @noris

If Im correct its not possible play dsd over hdmi.

That’s why the Matrix is there it converts it to HDMI/I2S it worked perfectly for many years and there have been no changes to my system. Everything has been rebooted many times.

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Sorry didnt know that.

As of now DoP over USB is working albeit at a low rate. My guess is my Matrix is not working correctly. Although I’m confused by the timing of the failure. Bypassing the matrix works for now.

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