DSD Native not visible in "DSD Playback Strategy"

Hello i use a cubox i4 as renderer with the latest roonbridge installed. The roon server is also up to date. The Cubox is running a Jessie 4.9.7 (meaning that the kernel should be able to play native DSD).
My DAC is able to managed Native DSD and not only DoP.

The capability are as of the screenshot hereafter :slight_smile:

I would like to convert all the PCM into DSD (DSD64 or DSD128) but in “DSD Playback STrategy” i don’t have any access to “Native”, only “DoP”. The screenshot below is clearly showing a DoP conversion.

Any reasons why i can not have access to NATIVE DSD ? Is it a probleme coming from the Cubox Kernel ?

Thanks for your support

Native DSD and Linux is still very much in flux: support is patched in on a per DAC / IO chipset basis. More info here: https://github.com/lintweaker/xmos-native-dsd

If you DAC is MIA on the list, you’re stuck with DoP (for now).

The DAC i use does not have any chipset for conversion : if it receives a DSD signal @ input it goes to passive conversion : no chipset…
The USB driver is an Amanero one (limited to DSD128 under linux if i understand well)

I was talking about the I/O (USB) chipset. As this Amanero – yes, you’re currently limited to DSD128.

Welcome to the club @Patatorz ! We are waiting for AMANERO , hope some move

Hi Volpone, in this case my issue is not linked to the amanero but more to the NATIVE DSD. With your T+A DAC8, are you able to have native DSD and not DoP ?

Thanks RBM. I know for the limitation. My request is more linked to Native DSD vs DoP in my configuration

  • Yes with Windows ASIO driver.
  • No with Linux USB driver.
    If i’ve understood correctly, and for T+A DAC8 DSD , issue is at the AMANERO USB receiver level when using LINUX.

So first required step is a firmware fix from AMANERO, second is test, and third a firmware upgrade procedure from T+A. Then i hope native DSD OK from Roon and HQP using LINUX PC or streamer.

Ok so you confirm that with Amanero only DoP is ok at this time under linux (no Native) ?
I thought the limitation was only DSD resolution (nothing more than DSD128) meaning that till DSD128, Native playback should be ok.

Amare is also aware about Amanero drivers issues under linux as their server is linux based. They are waiting for upgrade.

Yes, but no worry for SQ, DoP as good as native.

thanks for your feedback