DSD playback collapses when enabling DSP volume

No rush, but DSP volume causes the playback to collapse after approx. 12 seconds. A “slow loading…” error is reported, but that is not the real reason. Seems like the DSP volume protocol is too resource demanding. Just reported as found, I can do without the DSP volume for a while.

Similar problem for me. In my case it does not even start to Play DSD when DSP feature is enabled. I am using PS Audio Directstream with network bridge. It works well on PCM (tried up-to 192/24). For me it is a priority since 80% of my library is DSD

Turning on DSP features is causing DSD->PCM conversion to flip on. This can be expensive. What are your core CPU specifications like?

More information:

The processing speed indicator on Signal Path might provide some clues.

Yes, of course it does. Should have thought about that. This is the “problem” with DSD; that what you hear is what you get. I am running on Samsung Ativ 9+ with i5 2.3 (max?) MHz

I don’t think an i5 should have trouble with DSD->PCM conversion. What does the processing speed indicator say when the problems are happening?

I am having trouble replicating the error as the DAC now enters the “unsupported” status (384kHz mode) once I activate DSP. However before that, I believe I saw values between 0.8 and 1.3

This is a 5.6M recording that is playing now just fine without DSP enabled, using that Ativ laptop as remote against a MacBook Air 2009 1.8GHz, which uses Roon: 35-50, Kernel task; 8, and RAAT 6 % CPU

Can I make a setting on the PCM conversion in order to evaluate your question?

Turn off DSP Engine and turn on Volume Leveling or Crossfade–that will cause a DSD->PCM conversion without triggering much extra work.

I am running on an I7 2015 MacBook Pro. For me the music does not start to play, so cannot get to the Signal Path menu. On a 96/24 PCM I am getting around 120x with DSP and the playback is stable.