DSD Playback: Enabling DoP

I can’t go through my audio settings to change DSD output to DoP (to avoid PCM conversion). Perhaps it is that I am using the trial version, and it is not available?

I have Roon Core running on an OSX, through a NAS to my PS Audio DAC. I have followed the support room advice to go to audio, clicking on the settings icon near my PS DAC…but the only options that come up are: Resync Delay, Max Sample Rate, and Max Bit Per Sample.

Thanks for your help.

Hi John,

The there is no trial version. You have the full version.

Does it show, under the Playback tab, that you can check Exclusive mode? If you check it, does it bring up DSD Playback strategy?

Have you seen this?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

It does not provide an Exclusive mode option.

Thanks for your help on this.


Hey John,

How is the DAC connected to your system?

If you play a DSD track, can you click on the coloured dot to the right of the track on the bottom of the screen? What does the Signal Path show?

Cheers, Greg

Hi John,

Perhaps a bit more information. Which PS DAC, Perfectwave, perfectwave jr, NuWave, something older. Hows is the PS DAC attached, USB, Optical, Coax, I2S? And what it is attached to, your Mac, your NAS, direct via ethernet? And finally, which MAC and OS version. All of these can give some indicators as to what might be going on.

Hi again Greg,

DAC is connected via ethernet to NAS. Signal path shows DSF DSD64 2CH (Source) to PS DAC to Analog (output). I guess that means it is putting out as DSD, without me having to had to check exclusive, switch to DoP?

For some reason, I read it was necessary to go through those steps to adjust…but it looks like updates may have rendered that moot?

Does that seem right?


Hi John,

As Daniel mentioned above, which DAC are you using?

If you are getting all purple dots in the signal path and there is no conversion to PCM, then you should be good to go. Maybe post a screenshot?

The options you get in the Audio settings are dependent on the DAC.

Cheers, Greg

PS Audio Directstream DAC. All purple dots through signal path. On the DAC, it shows input is DSD (via DoP).

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Great, looks like you’re good to go.

Cheers, Greg

Ok, thanks for the prompt support (Daniel too). Everything looks great so far. Excellent program.