DSD Playback Strategy and Upsampling Option Not Available for Selection

I am new to Roon.

I installed Roon core on my qnap nas and am using Playback Design Syrah server for playback via network. But I am not able to select dsd strategy or Upsampling under the device setup? My dac (T+A PDP3000HV) is connected to Syrah via USB. Pls advise. Thanks and regards

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@Chin_Poh_Neo…see how i did yours

Roon will not show DSD as an option if it can’t “see” a way to playback DSD to your DAC. It’s probably a setting issue. Check how Roon is set up to playback DSD: native or DoP, etc. If it isn’t setup in a way that works with your DAC, it won’t give you the DSD option in playback.

Not sure that’s true as My Naim Uniti Atom does not show any playback strategy either and does except DSD upto 128 and I can playback DSD to it Roon shows it in the signal path.

Thank you all for the replies. I 'll try the suggested solutions and see i it works.

Sorry for the unclear answer. Not in the Device Setup display.
The OP should look in the settings>dsp engine>sample rate conversion;

If DSD isn’t listed as an option, it means Roon doesn’t think his DAC can playback DSD.

If DSD isn’t listed there, and his DAC is DSD capable, then he needs to check the definitions for DSD playback in Roon. Or check that it isn’t a driver issue with his DAC (possibly check driver settings or reload driver on Roon device). Or redo the device setup within Roon.

I try the method as suggested but with no success. I have only 2 options in my device setup as attached

. Pls help. Thanks

Hello @Chin_Poh_Neo,

The Playback Design Syrah Server is not a Roon Ready device. When it appears in Roon, it is the Syrah’s Airplay input that is showing as available for playback. Due to limitations of the Airplay protocol, it is not possible to play DSD using Airplay. I recommend you contact Playback Designs and inquire if it is possible to install the Roon Bridge software on the device.


Thanks @support for the reply.

Can I know where can I obtain the roon bridge package?

@Chin_Poh_Neo ---- You can grab RoonBridge from the downloads page on the Roon website here.