DSD Playback to Denon AVR X2300W via HDMI

Hi all, I’m running Roon on the following:

Roon V 1.5 (build 360) stable 64 bit
Windows 10 Home Version
HP Envy x360 with 8 gig RAM and AMD A12-9720p
64 bit OS x 64 based processor

I have downloaded my first DSD file. Roon is reporting the playback as per screenshot:

So it is converting to PCM. If I select DSD over PCM I just get noise!

I have my laptop connected directly to my Denon AVR X2300W via HDMI.

I have copied the DSD file to USB stick, plugged the USB directly into the Denon and get full fat DSD. See second screenshot:

Am I missing something basic? Thanks in advance for any help.

AV receivers do not support DSD over PCM (DoP) over HDMI. It should be possible to play DSD after conversion to PCM. You won’t be able to play DSD natively from Roon without additional hardware, e.g. DSD network player with analog output or USB DAC.


Thanks for the reply wklie, much appreciated.

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